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Cat and Dog Flap Fitting

Welcome to Kew Glazing & Cat Flap Fitting Service

Southwest LTD.

Our Cat Flaps are fitted by our installers who are experts in fitting cat and dog flaps. We have been fitting Cat and Dog Flaps for many years and can advise you on what might be best for you and your pet.

We are a local family run business based in the Southwest with over

38 years as glaziers in the glass and glazing industry and

now specialise in the installation of cat and dog flaps.

We also Replace Misted Double Glazed Units

We fit Cat and  Dog flaps into the following doors:
• uPVC Door Panels

• Glass Doors

• Wooden Doors

• Aluminium and Metal Skinned  

• Composite Doors

• Porches

• Conservatories

• Windows

• Double/Single Glazed Units

• Sliding Patio Doors

• French Doors
• Cat and Dog Flaps into
Double Glazing

• Cat and Dog Flaps into
Single Glazing

• Cat and Dog Flaps into
Composite Doors

• Cat Flaps into
Wooden Doors

• Cat Flaps into UPVC Doors
(for this we recommend getting a builder)



Thinking of having a Cat Flap Fitted?
By choosing Kew Glazing & Cat flap Fitting service Southwest Ltd.

you are guaranteed to find that we are expert's in fitting
cat and dog flaps.
These pet doors can be installed in your home into almost any door or window...  
Please click Here to see the list of pet doors we fit.
When it comes to you having a cat/dog flap fitted into your window or door
we will give you the advice that you are looking for.
We offer a glazing service fitting cat and dog flaps into double glazing (DG Units) And UPVC Panels,

All we ask is that you send us a photo of the door or window you would like you pet door fitted into.
You can do this by clicking Here to contact us
Once we have received your email we will get back to you with your quote.
For you to be able to have a pet door installed into your double-glazed doors or windows,
It will be necessary to order a new doubled glazed unit (DG Unit).
Which is made-to-measure for your window / door requirements, with having hole
pre-cut prior to having it installed.

There is a minimum width and height for the smallest flap to go into glass.

Your existing double glazing cannot be cut into,
Laminated safety glass is unsuitable for any cat and dog flap installation.
(please click Here for our Safety Regulations).
The holes are cut out before toughening and sealing the dg units.
If your dg units have decorative lead designs and
Georgian bars, it will follow the same process.
In this case, there will be a hole at the bottom of the unit where your
cat/dog flap will fit into.
The typical time at the processor is 7-14 working days
(not including weekends nor bank holidays).

When It comes to your Existing UPVC Door Panels, most fancy designs such as raised/ridged 
can be cut into, to accommodate the flap.
For the best fit for the cat flap a new Flat UPVC panel (depending on your type of door)
maybe required.
     This also works well if you are in private or student accommodation.
We will take out the existing panel and put a new one in its place,
You will keep the original panel to replace at a later date.
We offer you the best advice with regards to any questions you may have.
We can also cut into metal and fibreglass composite doors.
When cutting into metal doors you will require a mounting
when fitting a microchip cat flap.
We can do this in just one visit and normally take about 30 -40 mins.

We Do Not and Will Not cut into Communal Doors as these are usually Fire Safety Doors.
(again please send photo to verify via our Email Address).

(formerly know as Kew Glass and Glazing)

For More Information Please see 

Our General Information page

Missed Appointment and Cancellation Policy

Choosing the Right Cat or Dog Flap
for  your pet
There are many different types of cat and dog flaps available to choose from,
The type and size depends on the size of your Pet.

We offer free quotations and advice by email, so you are sure to find the right
cat or dog flap for your pet.
Here are the main types of cat and  dog flaps that we fit...

Click on the links below they will redirect you to each website.
SureFlap Microchip Flaps...(Microchip only)

Pet-Tek Cat and Dog Flap... (Manual flaps  

Petsafe (Staywell)
Pet Mate (Closer pets) 
• Manual 4 Way Locking Flap

• Magnetic Collar Key Flap

• Microchip Flap (Small dogs only)

• Staywell Aluminium Dog Door Flap

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