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If you miss your appointment, you will be charged this will also apply if

you cancel your appointment at the last minute you will be charged,

£60 (including VAT). This will delay the start of any service.

If the agreed date is no longer convenient for you, please reschedule or cancel

By midday, one day before the appointment is due to take place.

(The provision clause 14 Fees and Deposit also applies to T&Cs)

On the day of the visit we need a decision maker aged 18 years+

will need to be present throughout the appointment.

as we will not be able to carry out only work & you will be charged £60 (including VAT).

This will delay the start of the service.

In most cases, our fitter's work is finished within an hour of their arrival.

If they arrive towards the end of the appointment slot,

you’ll need to be there until the work has been completed.

To help us work safely on the day, please move any furniture or other hazards from the area

and to ensure any children or pets are kept away for the area until the installation is complete

(even if your pets are friendly).

Our Fitters are working with Power Tools and Glass and other such tools.


Even is we attend and you then decide that you no longer require 

the service done there will be a charge of £60 (including VAT).


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